CAPA implementation and leadership

Question: The issue of who should lead CAPA within our teams is currently being discussed as is the issue of what the tasks of a CAPA lead actually are in the first year. We are uncertain whether our leadership model should be based on one person or indeed whether carefully differentiated tasks should be delegated to a small number of people within each team. We do not have an overarching team leader and this is not something that is currently up for debate. Moreover, we need to ensure we have the appropriate CAPA leads to take us through this first year

Steve and I advise that teams have a CAPA leadership team of manager, CAPA clinical lead and Admin lead. The main tasks in the first year are to keep things on track – and this means monitoring what is going on, checking Away days have supportive content, reviewing job plans, co-ordinating any service audit that is happening etc.

The clinical lead role can rotate of course, and this can be helpful so that the ownership is not located within one person. The skills and knowledge needed are enthusiasm and knowledge about CAPA and ability to work with others to take it forward. All the actual work – such as job planning, audit can be delegated within the team.



About Steve and Ann
We are the designers, trainers and developers of CAPA.

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