Choice and Assessment

At a recent consultants meeting in Hertfordshire we spent some time thinking about Choice appointments and, as i discovered, some continuing myths about the role of assessment. First off let me state the myth: that Choice appointments do not contain any assessment – it is just offering a range of Choices. I can see where this myth comes from as Ann and i talk a lot about Choice and the need to work with the users wishes, hopes and wants. As well as our recommendation that we stop calling the initial contact “Assessment” (as we think this word is not collaborative) and to call it something else, maybe “Choice”.

BUT we also say that our job is to “facilitate their choices using our expertise”. In other words we have to do think about both assessment and risk to be able to have conversations with the young person in a collaborative and informed manner. The trick is to move away from an expert assessment that makes the young person and family feel passive to being able to do our assessment and risk thinking in a conversational manner that both gives us the information we need and keeps the young person and family active and engaged.

In fact it is this open and honest conversation with the young person and their family using my ideas as well as their hopes and wishes that I find so rewarding in a CAPA service!


About Steve and Ann
We are the designers, trainers and developers of CAPA.

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