Book finished!

Well haven’t posted here in a while and there seems to have been so much happening.

Mostly Ann and i have been working flat out to finish the new book. We have written it in system free language so we feel any service can pick it up and find useful. Its at the printers today for proofs and if they are OK then will be printer at end of next week hopefully. The whole process has not been helped by deciding in Nov we needed to completely rewrite the structure and a lot of the content as then more recently my laptop crashing on multiple occasions!

Has also been interesting the increasing synergy between the aim of CYP-IAPT, shared decision making and CAPA. From our point of view these all come together in the Choice appointment and we’ve been playing with a more detailed review measure of this appointment that the clinician, the young person and the family can fill out. Scary but surprisingly satisfying too.

Finally i have been helping some local teams implement. This has been much more hands on than I’ve experienced before (usually its via supporting team managers etc) and this has helped me how to say things more clearly as well as develop some tools to help. These will be on the new website – currently in development.

See you soon – Steve

About Steve and Ann
We are the designers, trainers and developers of CAPA.

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