Visitors from Nova Scotia

We’ve had our wonderful colleagues from IWK ( Nova Scotia visiting our teams and finding out about CAPA and CAMHS in England. Sharon, Kathi and Ruth spent 2 days with Steve and his team and 2 days with mine last week. They also visited the CYP-IAPT Accreditation Council, QNCC and CORC.

They have been implementing CAPA for the last few years and wanted to see how things work here. So they sat in on Choice and Partnership appointments, saw the team diaries and job plans and how we are integrating CYP-IAPT.

They had lots of other experiences of general CAMHS too such as inpatient, outreach and Deaf services in my organisation and Children Looked After and YOT in Richmond.

A jam packed week!

Their reflections on CAMHS in England, the NHS  and the things they saw were really helpful. One thing they commented on was how they felt they benefit from providing all services whereas we have to work with non-health organisations that provide CAMHS and they felt the embedded workers  in my team were a great way of doing this. We think so too!

We are going over there for a week soon to support the province in their CAPA implementation- their further reflections will be really interesting with a week’s hindsight!



About Steve and Ann
We are the designers, trainers and developers of CAPA.

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