A Team Away Day – Xmas version!

Today we had one of our team away days. These are part of the full CAPA model and should occur at least 4 times a year (see the 11 components). A key part of away days are that they are not set by management but that the content is devised by and delivered by the team – I thought it might be interesting to post about today.

We started with a warm-up. We thought it might be good to do something appreciative so we each took a piece of paper, wrote our name on the bottom, and passed it to our left. We then all wrote an appreciative comment or comments about that person, folded the paper over – so no-one could see what was written — and again passed it to our left. Eventually the pieces of paper returned to their owners. It was quite moving to see what had everyone had written.

Then, up till coffee, we talked about the recent GP audit and thought about ways we could improve the referral process, let them know about the good things we were doing and reflected on the choice letters. The plan is to then meet with the local GP lead and think it through with them.

After coffee, up till lunch, we looked at the CYP-IAPT measures for every session monitoring and tried some out. These changes are going to be HUGE but in the end i think really good.

After lunch we thought about shared decision making and young peoples experience of the service. We thought both about how to make our clinic rooms more welcoming and what posters or positive messages we wanted on the walls. We then went on to think about a user experience project about how young people and their families experience the choice letter.

Tea came and then we had an exercise where we walked round the room looking at 6 Xmas pictures (snowman, mistletoe, Rudolf, present, tree, scrooge) and choose the one we thought best represented our view of the CYP-IAPT process. After we’d all selected we talked in the round why we’d picked them. After that we reflected on the hopes and fears we had written down 3 months ago. Interesting to find we had moved on and were maybe more positive and working together as a team.

Finally to cool down, we had a Xmas quiz run rather madly by Simon. A fun end to a really good day of working together.