Continuous Improvement in 2014

Happy New year! 

The New Year has made me reflect on how things have changed with CAPA over the years. It has brought home to me how the essence of CAPA is one of continuous service improvement with the client at the centre of everything we do. It has evolved, and continues to do so, within the 11 key components. 

Our experience of working with so many wonderful services in so many countries is greater understanding of how to help people adapt the components to work in their setting.  This doesn’t mean doing CAPA-lite however- which we know doesn’t work and causes more problems ! But really understanding the philosophy behind all the components helps us evolve to whatever the climate is. 

When myths appear- such as ‘CAPA won’t work for us because our session average is more/ we work in people’s homes/ we have a very vulnerable client group/ we do long term interventions’ it makes me realise that perhaps we have not emphasised the continuous service improvement philosophy enough. None of these things mean CAPA can’t be implemented- you may just need to adjust the maths.

 I think we all wish for ‘the answer’ that can easily be put in place and require minimal effort- whether it’s our New Year’s resolution of going to the gym, eating better or giving up smoking. But deep down we know that to change takes resolve and adaptation- and increases if the going gets tough. But then it just becomes something you do and you can’t imagine life any other way.

 CAPA gives us a framework and tools to continuously improve and so will continue to evolve in 2014! Watch this space.

 Happy New Year!